discourse: a liquid workshop
discourse: a liquid workshop
discourse: a liquid workshop

O M A K A S E || Omakase is a Japanese word meaning "i'll leave it up to you". our Omakase menu, as such, is left entirely in the hands of the drink maker. each menu will consist of a series of drinks bound together by a core idea. one menu may act as an accompaniment to a particularly poignant album or score while another pays homage to the seasons or the art on the walls, cultural taboos or the new star wars flick. Our friends and collaborators at Door County Underground will pop-up at the workshop during these services to provide seasonally-driven, small-plate style pairings. 

D R I N K S || the discourse family + friends

P H O T O S || matt sampson + draeden goettelman

I: HEARTBREAK || VICE: The Deadly Sins

reconstituted strawberry | rhubarb | agnostura bitters | lime | saline solution | black grape gel | amchor | olive oil snow

we believe that we dive deepest into our vices after HEARTBREAK. VICE: The Deadly Sins begins with a burst of simultaneous sweet, tart, bitter and umami. the sphere, colored and flavored to represent the heart, breaks in the eaters mouth, beginning the journey into the depths of the seven deadly sins.

II: WRATH || VICE: The Deadly Sins

clarified cold brew | pineapple-kiwi juice | lime + szechuan cordial | hickory smoked vanilla | stone's jamaican + peychaud's bitters | toasted coconut tincture | coca tea shaved ice | ghost pepper fog

a hollowed + reassembled pineapple serves as a visual representation of WRATH, delivered to the diner atop a box of billowing ghost pepper fog. inside, a tropical delight awaits, hiding one of natures most curious treasures: szechuan peppercorn. while the tropical concoction doesn't contain a single traditionally spicy ingredient, the mouth numbing sensation of the szechuan and the furiously spicy aroma of the ghost pepper fog combine to simulate the experience of a vengeful spice. 

III: LUST || VICE: The Deadly Sins

red wine + crystalized cacao nib sorbet | aphrodisiac tea lipstick | red wine reduction | candied hibiscus | rose petals

nothing quite says LUST like red wine and lipstick. we create the red wine + crystalized cacao nib sorbet with our friends at door county creamery and cover it with a chianti reduction, candied hibiscus flowers and rose petals. pomegranate and strawberry juices, peychaud's bitters, passion flower, rose water, lime cordial and saline solution are carefully blended and poured into lipstick molds before being frozen and placed into functional lipstick tubes. the diner may apply the lipstick as normal or fulfill the childhood dream of eating their mother's lipstick. 

IV: GLUTTONY || VICE: The Deadly Sins

the ultimate hot chocolate | shaved ambanja madagascar chocolate | lapsang souchong truffle | bourbon boca negra cake | candied bacon | luxardo and hickory-smoked vanilla whipped creams

our favorite deadly sin: sweet, sweet GLUTTONY. I have a deep-seated love for chocolate and at times in my life have used candy bars as a unit of currency. GLUTTONY is our ode to one of humanity's greatest creations, the hot chocolate. three drinking chocolates and two milks combine for the ultimate in taste and texture, supported by fresh luxardo whipped cream and shaved chocolate from our partners at dandelion chocolate. a lapsang souchong infused truffle from roots chocolate sets the palette with resonant smoke and is served alongside a spoonful of rich chocolate cake, candied bacon and hickory-smoked vanilla whipped cream from our partners at door county underground.

V: SLOTH || VICE: The Deadly Sins

dry-hopped cold brew "dab" | hickory-smoked vanilla simple | idaho #7 + spruce tincture | hickory smoke | cereal milk ice cream

SLOTH was a thought we had nearly a year ago: could we create a coffee caramel that smelled, felt and tasted like a delicious dab? well friends, mission accomplished. we dry-hop pilcrow's panama elida estate natural with idaho #7, one of our favorite hops, and blend the resulting cold brew into a buttery caramel base before leaving it to air dry, creating it's waxy texture. the dab is place onto a dab tool, dipped into hickory-smoked vanilla simple and hit with a single drop of an idaho #7 + local spruce tincture. a team member smokes the table with hickory smoke while the dabs are being consumed, immediately followed by a bowl of munchies that most can only dream of: cinnamon toast crunch milk ice cream with uncle tom's candy and fresh strawberry jam.