discourse: a liquid workshop
discourse: a liquid workshop
discourse: a liquid workshop

O M A K A S E || our journey at discourse has taken us to the heart of why we became baristas. our focus has always been the customer experience. the wildness has always been driven by the question "can we create something that is more than just a delicious cup of coffee?". we've decided to turn that commitment to our customers up to 11. in the fourth wave, there are no rules. we've designed these experiences as sensory explorations. they tell the stories of our lives, of the experiences that form us, of the land and the people we share. they are an investigation of coffee and tea's ability to stir memory and evoke emotion. this is coffee gone wild, a cup o' joe at its' most experiential. we inmates have taken over this here asylum.

Omakase is a Japanese word meaning "i'll leave it up to you". our Omakase menu, as such, is left entirely in the hands of the drink maker. each menu will consist of a series of drinks bound together by a core idea. one menu may act as an accompaniment to a particularly poignant album or score while another pays homage to the seasons or the art on the walls, cultural taboos or the new star wars flick. Our Omakase preparations will be served just one Saturday evening a month beginning June 2018. Our friends and collaborators at Door County Underground will pop-up at the workshop during these services to provide seasonally-driven, small-plate style pairings. 

information on the current Omakase menu can be found below, along with a gallery of past experiences. tickets will be released both online (link to come) and in the workshop at least one month prior to the date. seats are very limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis.

D R I N K S || the discourse family + friends

P H O T O S || matt sampson

CARAMEL APPLE BOMB (C.A.B.) || fall 17'

lautenbachs apple cider spherified in cocoa butter | dulce de leche | candied pecan | cappuccino

there is something so timeless and nostalgic about the experience of biting into a perfect caramel apple, the pop of bright, tart juice balancing rich, buttery caramel. to us, that taste, that moment, is fall. C.A.B. (caramel apple bomb) is our interpretation of that moment, the perfect caramel apple in one bite. 

using a method taught to us by the incredible Dominique Crenn, chef-owner of two michelin star Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, we spherify local apple cider from lautenbachs in cocoa butter and paint it with dulce de leche from Seven Confections. as the name suggests, the sphere explodes as soon as it enters the mouth. a candied pecan contributes spice and crunch. C.A.B. is served alongside a traditional cappuccino, a bit of comfort to balance the wildness. 

SMOKE TRICKS || fall 17'

espresso | cashew milk | spiced molasses simple | aroma of lapsang souchong | chocolate maple leaf

there is another side of fall. a brisk night by the fire, smoke billowing to the heavens. a warming cup of fall spice or the sweet comfort of hershey’s half-melted on a s’mores. smoke tricks is our interpretation of this side of fall, an amalgamation of smoke, spice and comfort.

we start with a molasses simple, spiced with fresh ginger, turmeric and B+E’s trees maple syrup. we blend the simple with espresso and steamed cashew milk and serve it atop a custom service box made of sinker cypress from our friends at Coastal Classics. the box is filled with dry ice and splashed immediately before service with hot lapsang souchong, a heavily smoked black tea, creating a billowing vapor, scented of smoke, which cascades through the vents atop the box and surrounds the latte. the service includes a piece of dark chocolate from Seven Confections, cast from a maple leaf. 


salted dulce de leche latte | cold brew caviar | stabilized milk foam | caramel chips

okay, you caught us, this is pretty tongue-in-cheek. caramel macchiato is an exercise in juxtaposition; the caramel latte, which has defined the mass market coffee world for the last decade, served alongside a latte from the future. both services contain the three essential elements of a caramel latte (caramel, coffee + milk), but in radically different forms. 

for the mainstream latte, we use dulce de leche to add a depth and subtlety to the flavor profile and coarse ground salt for pop. for the latte from the future, we turn to techniques developed by the legendary Ferran Adria of elBulli, widely regarded as the father of modernist cuisine. we infuse cold brew with sodium alginate and distilled water with calcium lactate. as the cold brew hits the surface of the water, the calcium and the alginate react, creating a thin shell and spherifying the cold brew into a form similar to caviar. we serve the caviar in a spoon atop a cold skim milk foam stabilized with acacia gum, a natural stabilizer derived from the sap of several species of the acacia tree. the service is consumed like chips and dip, using caramel “chips”, made from isomalt, which surround the spoon.  

MATRIX REFERENCE || winter 17'

slow drip | aronia simple | lemon, fresh + preserved | acid phosphate | malic acid | sumac soda | miracle berry tablets | fresh citrus | sour candies

when we are devising experiences for Omakase, we seek inspiration from our past and our present; friends, music, art, serviceware, wild experiences and ingredients. when we stumbled upon miracle berry, we were captivated. 

miracle berry is native to East Africa but now grows primarily in Florida. it contains a nigh magical glycoprotein, miraculin, which binds to the taste receptors on your tongue and inhibits your ability to perceive sour, turning sour things sweet. we knew we needed to explore the fragility of our sense of taste. could we create one drink, balanced enough to be drinkable but sour enough for the change to be noticeable, that drinks two ways? well, you tell us.

we turned to our surroundings for ingredients, with sumac foraged by our neighbors at Earth Art Studio and aronia cultivated by Hidden Acres Farm, right here in Sister Bay. aronia, historically used as a clothing dye by native populations in Door County, was turned into a waterless simple, using just the tart, earthy juice from the berries to melt the sugar. the sumac, which grows rampant on the Door peninsula, was cleaned and carbonated, creating a vibrant + complex soda. to add punch, we borrowed a few ingredients from the soda fountain era; acid phosphate and malic acid. acid phosphate is the key ingredient in the infamous cherry phosphate and malic acid is the acid which gives granny smith apples and extremely sour candies their bite. finally, we added depth and pizazz with a bountiful helping of slow drip cold brew and both fresh + preserved lemon. 

matrix reference is experienced in sequence. the drink is mixed and split between two glasses over large ice cubes. in between the two glasses, we place the miracle berry tablets in a smoked out chamber. The first glass is consumed, the chamber is opened and the smoke resets the palette while the transformation takes place. finally, the second glass is consumed alongside the sour fruits and candies. bam! magic.